Playing Electric Guitar

I give your child a skill that boosts their IQ, self-confidence & work ethic… all while they play music, meet new friends, and leave each guitar lesson with a beaming smile, thinking:
“My Parents Are AWESOME!!!”

Ok, I can't guarantee this last part buttt you get the point.

Seriously though! In my (obviously biased) view :

If you’re looking for a hobby for your child, you don’t have to worry about broken bones and sprung ankles.

 Music Lessons Takes The Cake 

Hi my name is Zach, at LCV Guitar Lessons I teach kids from age 7 to the time they graduate from high school.


Here is why:

They Play Their First Song In The First Month.

They just might serenade you, with their guitar skills in the first month.

Increased IQ



Learning guitar has been proven to increase a child’s IQ up to 7 points or more.



Building friendships



Playing music together and having fun is a great way to build friendships



After School Hobby



Learning guitar is a great way for them to stay productive and keep them entertained

like watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Bragging Rights For The Parents What!!!

You also get the reward of feeling proud as a lion is when it's the king of the jungle.


You might just get to feel like your child is the next American Idol.

Lastly, your guitar teacher is certified to teach guitar.  

Sadly to say though, there is one thing I will need to address. 


At LCV Guitar Lessons, I do things differently than most teachers and also I'm not the


cheapest teacher in town,


so if you're on a tight budget, you might not want to work with me then.

Time slots are starting to fill up pretty quick, so get in contact with me soon


to check availability.

Next thing to do!

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