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Become More Creative With Your Music

If you’re someone who is sitting 


there staring into the abyss and


having a hard time coming up


with ideas for a new song.

Or maybe you've got some ideas


but don't where to start.

Sheet Music

It’s Frustrating I Know Right!!!

If you’re like me all you want to do is be creative and write really good


music or maybe just jam with someone.


I remember one time ago.


I was sitting there literally playing


this one idea over and over again


and kept thinking to myself "man where do I go from here I was as


(stuck as being stuck in the mud)

I swear id spends hours and hours just end up with nothing written.

I was as frustrated as some little child not getting their way in

a grocery store, I wanted to chuck my guitar across the room.








with practice and getting the right guidance from a teacher of mine.

I was able to crack the code to my own creativity.




Hi my name is Zach Payton and I’d like to introduce you



Very True Story

The Creative

Installation Class!!!

What is this?


This class is 90% training and 10% content.


In this class, you’re going to receive


✅99% success rate of becoming creative with your instrument

✅1-3 hours of bulletproof creative training

✅Become more confident in writing music

✅Decrease doubt in the songwriting process

✅Be able to not feel restricted when writing your own music 

✅Be able to come up with your own original music

With all this means!

    It Won’t Be Cheap!!!

If you’re looking for a Walmart version music class, please


don’t click the button below.


I’m looking for musicians,


who want to better their creativity.


If you’re a musician who wants to better their creativity.


Click the button below.


On the next page is a contact form that is asking you for a bit of info


on what you’d like to achieve in your creativity.



So here’s what’s going to happen next.


After you fill out the form, I will give you a call and we’ll have a nice friendly


chat about your creative goals.


Also because I want to make you feel at ease I won’t be trying to give




some weird awkward sales pitch.


I don’t work that way!

If we both decide to work together, then we can meet for a Free




I say both because I can’t help if


- You’re hyper skeptical

- afraid to practice at least 30 mins a day

- Afraid to play in front of other musicians


So if any of these apply to you.


Good news!


I just saved you time!





If we decide to work together we will sit and lay out what you want to do


with your creativity.

I Want In

I don’t want you to start to second guess yourself with me just trying to


make sure we don’t waste each other’s time.


This is why we do a free consultation.