6 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Singing In Front Of People


Do you want to be able to sing in front of people, but you get super nervous even just thinking about it? If the answer is yes, this article is for you, my friend.


1. Get Help


The best, most time effective way to get more confidence in your singing is to get professional help. A good singing teacher will help you develop a good, strong voice and make sure you use it in a safe and sustainable way. It doesn’t matter what level you start on - everyone can learn to sing! It really is a skill you can learn. And when you do, singing becomes so much more fun, simply because you can trust your voice so much more. If you’re serious about wanting to sing in front of others and sound good, be sure to get some help from a voice teacher.


2. Prepare Well


If you’re really nervous about singing in front of others, it’s most likely more of a preparation issue than anything else. If you’ve gotten help from a singing teacher, you’ve practiced your song over and over and you know it inside and out - what do you got to be nervous about? If you ask yourself things like “What will other people think?”, “What if my voice breaks?”, “What if I forget the lyrics?” and so on, you most likely haven’t prepared well enough. Having that said, if you’re just going to sing in front of a couple of friends, you may not need to know the song perfectly, because your audience is not expecting that. However, having the confidence in your ability to sing a song, helps enormously when you want to perform it to others, so make sure you got it before you hop on stage.


3. Focus On What You Want


It’s so easy to get into negative thinking without even noticing it, so start watching your thoughts. Are you finding yourself picturing the worst case scenario? Are you seeing everything that can go wrong? The truth is, what you focus on gets reinforced. So if you only focus on what can go wrong, you’re channeling your energy towards failure. Instead, try picturing the best case scenario; What if it went really well? What if you trusted your voice all the way and the audience will happily cheer for you? What if it actually felt good to sing? Close your eyes for just a moment and try it!


4. Do It Once


you’ve practiced your song and you feel it is as good as it gets right now, it’s time to rip the bandaid off. Breathe calmly, focus on DO IT. The best way is to start with both a song and an environment you’re most comfortable with. Some people find it easiest to sing in front of people they know and others for strangers. Pick your audience and do it, that’s the only way you’ll ever get there! You CAN do it!


5. Congratulate Yourself


This is an important part. Most people are very hard on themselves and it’s always easy to find the flaws in what we do. There is a time for constructive criticism, but the time is not immediately after your first performance. The first thing you should do when getting off stage is to congratulate yourself for doing it. It might feel like a small deal but it’s an amazing achievement, so give yourself credit for doing it! At a later time, you can start thinking about what went well and what you need to improve for next time.


6. Keep Doing It

You did an amazing job with your first performance, however small it might’ve been. If you want to get more confident singing in front of people, sound better while you do it and enjoy it a lot more, the trick is to keep doing it. Ultimately that’s the only way to get more comfortable with it. Also keep investing time and money into lessons and your development, so that you get better tools to perform well. And have fun while doing all of this!


About the author: Linda Lampinen is a songwriter, singer and the owner of Laulutunnit Tampere, a singing school in Tampere, Finland. If you live in the area and want long lasting results in the fastest and most fun way possible, be sure to visit


www.laulutunnittampere.fi .