3 Tips to Gain The Most Out of Your Guitar Lesson

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For most of us guitar nerds, attending our guitar lessons are often the highlight of our week. Not only do you gain awesome new music knowledge, but you also get to hang out and jam with awesome musicians. As students we want to ensure we gain the full benefit from our lessons. Here are some tips to help you gain even more out of yours!


Come to class prepared.

This might seem pretty obvious, but you cannot be over prepared. This means you should bring everything necessary ensure that there are no disruptions and wasted time during your lessons. This includes bringing your notebook, pen, tuner, pick, and most importantly, your guitar! There is no guitar that feels better than your own! Take as many notes as possible, especially if your instructor stresses the importance of a particular topic. Although your instructor would have no issues lending you these items, requesting them would take time out of your lesson, and from other students in that lesson too.


Get to class early.

This is not the same as getting there “on time”, just as the lesson is about to begin. Coming to class 5 to 10 minutes early will give you enough time to get your guitar out, tune up, and most importantly, warm up. Warming up can sometimes take up to 15 minutes of your 1 hour lesson. Making sure you are adequately warmed up before your lesson begins saves you that time and ensures you a solid full hour lesson.


Don’t be afraid of asking questions.

During a lesson, we might feel shy about asking a question and interrupting the session. This is the wrong mindset to have. There are no questions too trivial. Don’t ever feel like your question is going to interfere with the lesson and take up too much time. Also, you getting an immediate answer to your question will also benefit the whole class. No matter what level the other students are in the lesson, they all stand to gain. A beginner might gain some new insight based on the explanation of the question. Even an advanced student might look at something he or she already knows from a different angle. This is the mindset you should have to ensure your long term growth as a guitar student.


Although some of these points seem pretty obvious to many, you’d be surprised as to how many guitar students do not make the most of their guitar lessons – even if they have paid for the lessons themselves! Think of what YOUR favourite guitar player would do, how would he/she be, what actions would they take, what would they NOT do? If you want to become as good as your favourite guitar player, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do the things they would do? Something to think about. 


Learning to play guitar on your own can be frustrating and challenging, especially if you don’t know what to do. Having a great teacher makes the whole process more fun, enjoyable and gets you real results fast.

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