Don’t Read This Unless You’re

Frustrated With Your Guitar Progress

If you’re sitting there on verge of smashing your guitar.

NOOOOO Don’t Do Ittt!

At least until you hear my story,


then you can smash your guitar.


I am just kidding, don’t do that.


So let’s begin.


So It had to be about three years ago. I was sitting there playing this riff over and over.


again just like


All of the guitar teachers say to do so.


I kept making the same mistakes but just kept telling myself I just got to practice more, and I’ll get this.


Seriously, I was honestly almost in tears. 


I wanted to quit and shatter my guitar and give up,


I tried everything to get better.


I bought books, watched videos on YouTube, spent 2 hours a day practicing, and 3-4 hours on the weekends.


Then. I came across an online teacher; I was highly skeptical about signing up.


Well, I did! Once I learned that there are certain secrets to learning guitar.


I’m telling you this it isn’t

Slowing It Down And
Speeding It Back Up

Now I can finally have as fun as a little kid in a candy store with my guitar playing.

And able to share with my students the secrets to getting better at guitar.

Believe it or not, if you want, you can

    Become a more confident guitar player

    Become less discouraged every time you pick up your guitar

    Get the tools to break through your wall

    Have a teacher that cares about your guitar progress

    Feel motivated every time you pick up your guitar

    Feel so confident you’ll want to impress your friends


Hi, my name is Zach; here at LCV Guitar Lessons, you won't only get taught how to play guitar. 


You will also receive training, so every time you sit down to play guitar, there is a high chance you will feel confident and excited because you will know that you're doing everything correctly.


Why I Can Help YOU

Did you know that 92% of guitar teachers have absolutely no training on how to teach guitar? 


Teaching guitar is a profession that needs to be studied. Most teachers  

don't have any actual training on how to teach guitar.


They will be using trial and error methods, which will make the process extremely slow and tedious.


 This way of learning will ruin your experience with guitar lessons and waste money.

I'm the only teacher in Idaho that is getting training from Elite Guitar Teacher Inner Circle.


This is a course that I'm a part of that gives me the training and the right tools to

teach, train also mentor people like you.

With all this, this means "it won't be cheap."

If you're looking for Walmart version guitar lessons, please don't click the button below.

If you're ok with paying for what you get, then click the button below. 


"Caution" time slots are starting to fill up, so fill out the form asap.

On the next page is a form asking you about your goals.


Here’s what will happen next; after you fill out the form, I’ll give you a call


and we will have a nice friendly chat about your guitar-playing goals.


Don’t worry; you’re not going to get this weird, awkward sales pitch.


If we both decide to work together, then we can meet for a Free



I say both because I can’t help if


- You’re hyper skeptical
- afraid to practice at least 30 mins a day
- Afraid to play in front of other musicians


So if any of these apply to you,


Good news!


I just saved you time!

But If we decide to work together, we will sit and lay out what you want to do with your guitar playing.

I don’t want you to start to second guess yourself with me, just trying to make sure


we don’t waste each other’s time.


Hi, my name is Milt. When I first met Zack, I had only been playing guitar for about three years.


Just long enough to form a lot of bad habits, added to the fact that I'm 67 years old, and my mind doesn't work like it use to begs the question, why try to learn guitar?


Well, only one real reason, I've wanted to since I was about 10 years old and only now have all the right circumstances fallen into place.


I was getting pretty discouraged and about ready to give it up when I ran into Zack. In three months, I've learned more than I did in the previous three years.


I'm having fun again, practicing more and actually looking forward to playing with other musicians in the future.


Zack seems to know a lot about his instrument, does a great job teaching it and most important to me, he's patient.


I am looking forward to a long association and friendship with him.           

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15 Mins. Of Practice For Only 2 Months

 A Student's Experience Learning Over Zoom

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to reach my goals?

Goals can have different ranges of time depending on your practice habits and how often you attend class.


That being said, if you’re just getting started and you put in the necessary effort, time and follow the path that is laid out for you.


You will reach one of your goals in 3-6 months’ time!

Are my hands too big or small to play guitar?

Not at all! Whether your hands are big or small, if you follow the path that is laid out for you, you WILL reach your goals.

Don’t you have to have natural talent to play guitar?

Not at all!  It just takes having a positive mindset, self-discipline and good teacher to help down the path of success.

How should I go about choosing a guitar teacher?


I can learn this on YouTube can’t I?

Yes, you can find most of this information on YouTube! but you won’t find it laid out in the order that’s going to work for you.


What will probably happen is you’ll feel like you’re on your way, then there is a thing called a plateau, that’s what will happen! If you don’t have a teacher.

What To Do Next