50 Year Old Man, Thinks He's Finally Learned This Eddie Van Halen Song,

Shows His Friend and Shortly Realizes, He Doesn’t Have The Chops Play This Song

How Embarrassing!!!!

If This Is You, Keep On Reading, I Have Story I'd Like To Share With You!!!

Not so long ago,


I worked on this metalcore song called Six by the band called All That Remains.


I remember spending up to an hour a day "grinding";


like a coffee grinder, 


to learn this one part in this song. I'd watch youtube videos on how other people played it,


I even had lessons with three different teachers, and you know what they all said for me to do?

They Told Me To Do, Dumb Slow Practicing, Sooo Cliche And Not Effective



after spending a good chunk of time practicing slowly,


I still found myself stuck, was starting to doubt if I was ever going to be an excellent guitar player,


but then,


I came across this teacher,


who talked about one of the main reasons,


why guitar players don't make progress is because they

Suffer From Timing Connection Syndrome

This is where I found that your hands and brain need to be entirely in sync with each other to progress on the guitar.

So I wanted to learn more about this technique,


so I signed up for his program,


ended up getting a phone call from a guy named Mike,


and he asked me to go to this event in Chicago


where I'd learn more about this technique and other guitar-related solutions,


but the kicker was, "it wasn't cheap."


The price of this event was around 3,000 dollars, and this was only the cost of the ticket.


Of course! I was super skeptical because I was worried about this event not being made out to be what it was meant to be.


The fact it was costly,


also, I didn't have natural talent, so going to this event might feel like me hitting my head against a brick wall.

So what did I do?


 I Took The Jump And Spent 3,000 Dollars

To Learn From A Master Guitar Teacher

At this event, I learned:


How to have everything in the correct place, so guitar feels like second hand nature

Have the correct fretting hand position so that my fingers don't fly away

Be able to make 1 hour of progress in about 15mins of practice time


Learned how to practice in a way that made me focus like a lazer to help me solve my guitar playing problems

Developed bulls eye proofed picking accuracy

 Developed the ultimate guitar practicing checklist

Finally!!! I Cracked the
Code To My Guitar Playing
And Now I Can Help Others With
Their Guitar Playing.


Here are some of my students that thought they might have a hard time learning guitar.

Hi, my name is Milt. When I first met Zack, I had only been playing guitar for about three years.


Just long enough to form a lot of bad habits, added to the fact that I'm 67 years old, and my mind doesn't work like it use to begs the question, why try to learn guitar?


Well, only one real reason, I've wanted to since I was about 10 years old and only now have all the right circumstances fallen into place.


I was getting pretty discouraged and about ready to give it up when I ran into Zack. In three months, I've learned more than I did in the previous three years.


I'm having fun again, practicing more and actually looking forward to playing with other musicians in the future.


Zack seems to know a lot about his instrument, does a great job teaching it and most important to me, he's patient.


I am looking forward to a long association and friendship with him.           

Signature from milton.jpg

15 Mins. Of Practice For Only 2 Months

 A Student's Experience Learning Over Zoom

As you can see, my goal is to get more case studies like the students above; here is the kicker, though:

I can't help everyone!

To qualify to work with me, you've got to :


- be an electric guitarist who likes bands like Van Halen, Metallica, Iron Maiden

- be someone who will practice at least 30mins a day

- be someone who has an open mind and will follow everything I say

- to not be afraid of being pushed out of your comfort zone


and have

A "Damn Near Amount OF Dedication" And You Will Play Guitar!!!

So if you want, you can get started by clicking the button below.

On the next page is a contact form asking you about your goals and what you're struggling with.


After you fill out the form, I’ll give you a call and will have a friendly chat about t goals and don't


worry you're not going to get that awkward sales pitch that car salesmen give you that makes you feel


like you're pulling teeth.


At the end of the chat, if we both agree, we'll schedule a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON.


So if we do decide to work together and you do what I tell you I guarantee you'll be playing guitar in the next 30 days sounds good?

Just imagine if you don't learn guitar, 30 years from now you might look back and be full of regret because you chose not to learn guitar.


What's the worst that can happen?

Wasted Time! 

Ok, here's the deal if you don't feel you've gotten better as a player by the end of the month and you feel I wasted your time, I'll fully refund your money back to you.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to reach my goals?

Goals can have different ranges of time depending on your practice habits and how often you attend class.


That being said, if you’re just getting started and you put in the necessary effort, time and follow the path that is laid out for you.


You will reach one of your goals in 3-6 months’ time!

Are my hands too big or small to play guitar?

Not at all! Whether your hands are big or small, if you follow the path that is laid out for you, you WILL reach your goals.

Don’t you have to have natural talent to play guitar?

Not at all!  It just takes having a positive mindset, self-discipline and good teacher to help down the path of success.

I can learn this on YouTube can’t I?

Yes, you can find most of this information on YouTube! but you won’t find it laid out in the order that’s going to work for you.


What will probably happen is you’ll feel like you’re on your way, then there is a thing called a plateau, that’s what will happen! If you don’t have a teacher.

What To Do Next